both ends closed

Technical Data

The construction and finish of the end seals of the both ends closed type "SD" assures the tightening function of the fastener even for these critical points.

one end open

Technical Data

The one end open type "SHT" is provided with such seal at the closed end, only.

Watertight with safety and reliability.
Optimal protection in nearly every extreme situation. Highly durable special zippers, produced with 45 years of experience for your protection. DYNAT.
Flexibility, simple operation, an appropriate optic. These are the additional demands on the zipper for the 21st century!
A challenge that we were happy to meet. The proven DYNAT quality, further developed to satisfy new requirements and, in addition, include new areas of application.
Clothing for surface water sports, extreme-outdoor clothing, motorcycle clothing, special boots, backpacks and sleeping bags as well as other applications, for which you could only find limited solutions.
The DYNAT SEY85 – watertight, flexible, smooth-running, future orientated and pointing the way ahead.
Developed for you and produced by a leading specialist for watertight zippers within the YKK Group. Quality and innovation. "Made by DYNAT".
Be the decisive step ahead of your competition!
Be uncompromising!

Enjoy the new flexible solution –
together with us!
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