G2 – hermetically sealed

Overview of G2

both ends closed

The construction and finish of the end seals of the both ends closed type “SD” assures the tightening function of the fastener even for these critical points.

both ends closed

The closed version “SDC” has a seal at both ends of the closure, which is designed and manufactured in such a way that the sealing function of the closure is also guaranteed at these critical points. It differs visually from the “SD” version only because of the slide shape used.


one end open

The one end open type “SHT” is provided with such seal at the closed end, only

both ends separable

The one end open type “ST” has no end seal at all. Therefore it is only tight along the length of the chain but not at the ends.

On request, special solutions for your application can also be developed. A strap is provided as pull handle, but toggles and other individual kinds of handle supplied by the customer are possible, too. The standard type has the pull on the chain side. Alternatively it could also be fitted on the reverse or on the upper and reverse side of the slider.